Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Since we have been home...

We have had a lot of good quality family time.  Jeremy saved up a lot of his time off in anticipation of the baby so he doesn't go back to work until this Thursday.  I may cry when he leaves but honestly I feel pretty ready to tackle 2 young boys on my own and if it is a disaster at least Saturday will be right around the corner!  Also Bennett starts preschool again in a couple of weeks so my time being home with both of them everyday is short lived.  Here are some pictures that sum up what he have been up to...

Lots of sleeping going on by this little guy

Bennett shared his truck with Walker

He loves to swing

Bennett checking on Walker 

We have gotten a lot of snuggling in with Walker

Bennett thinks the baby toys are for him

Me and my peanut

Bennett loves for Walker to sit in his lap

More snoozing

Bennett is doing great with Walker.  He is interested in what he is doing but doesn't mind when Walker is crying or when I am feeding him he doesn't get jealous.  His attitude toward me and Jeremy is getting much better.  He had been taking his frustration out on me the most, but I guess that is to be expected.  I am usually with him all day everyday and now my attention is being diverted.  Bennett has really clung to Jeremy which is great, but I hope he handles Daddy being gone on Thursday.  

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