Monday, August 20, 2012


Bennett has really taken to Walker and always wants to know where his baby brother is.  Since we didn't name Walker until he was born Bennett still refers to him as baby brother, he rarely calls him by his name.  The only thing that bothers Bennett is when Walker is crying for an extended period of time.   When Walker starts crying he tells him "that is enough!".  It makes me laugh because I tell Bennett that when he is throwing a tantrum, so in his mind when Walker is crying he thinks he needs to reprimand him and tell him "enough" or "hush".  The other day on the way home from school Walker started crying and Bennett told him to hush.  I told Bennett that Walker can't help it since he is a baby then all of a sudden Walker stopped crying.  Bennett threw up his hands and yelled "We did it!!!"  I wish it was only that easy to get a newborn baby to stop crying.  Other then that Bennett really loves interacting with his brother.

Holding Walker

Bennett looks like a giant to me now

Doing tummy time together

Bennett kept mimicking the faces Walker was making

Giving kisses!

In their cute matching shirts my friend made for them

I love seeing Bennett and Walker interact together.  I really pray they are the best of friends throughout their life and always depend on each other.  I know they will fight and disagree but my hope is they will always respect and love one another.  

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