Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Bennett started preschool last week and this year he is going 3 days a week.  He has adapted to school a lot better then he did last year.  He hasn't shed one tear and is really having a great time once he gets there. He is still timid when I drop him off, but the teachers said he is doing great and he has already showed off his dance moves so I know he feels comfortable!

Carpool starts this week, so I am interested to see how he handles that.  Last year since his class was younger they didn't allow us to use carpool so this is all new for us.  I really hope he is ok with it because getting him unloaded is one thing but trying to get a newborn baby and his stroller into school is too much.  Especially when a swarm of 2 year olds gathers around the stroller trying to get a peek of the baby and they wake him up.  Not cool!!

Before we left for school. He wouldn't smile so all of the pictures I got of him look more like a mug shot.

Getting his bag for school

Waiting outside to go in

Checking out his seat

Of course made a beeline for the trucks!

Bennett going to school is great for both of us.  He loves it, has fun, and is learning lots of new things and it allows me to get some one on one time with Walker which has been great.  When I picked him up on Friday one of his teachers told me Bennett is a dream and she adores him.  I am so glad he has made a quick transition and that the teachers enjoy him and that he enjoys them.  Makes dropping him off so much easier!!

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