Monday, August 20, 2012

One Month!

Yesterday Walker turned one month old!  I told Jeremy that this has literally been the fastest month of my life.  I feel like we just came home from the hospital with him.  Walker is doing great, but the transition has been tough some days.  I forgot how much a newborn cries and how much attention they need.  You would think I would have a better recollection but sadly I don't!  I am learning how to balance my time between Walker and Bennett and it is a constant balancing act.  If Walker is fussy I have to tend to him, so I have guilt on a daily basis that I can't always give Bennett my time.  I know as Walker gets older it will only get easier and luckily the newborn phase is a very short one!  It is even harder dealing with all of this on little sleep but it seems like we are turning a corner and Walker is sleeping more at night so hopefully soon I will be a bit more rested.

Sweet little thing!

One month

So far Walker is a lot like Bennett as a newborn.  They both hate the swaddle, spit up like crazy (but don't have reflux), hate the swing, won't take a pacifier, cry when the car or stroller comes to a stop, prefer sleeping on their tummy, won't take formula will only nurse, and pack on the pounds very fast!  Walker is already becoming a bit of a chunk like his big brother.  Bennett was 20 pounds by the time he was 6 months old and I have a feeling Walker will follow in his footsteps!  I am surprised how many similarities they both have as babies I thought they would be completely different.  I am sure as Walker gets older and we see more of his personality come out they will be very different but as far as their newborn behavior goes they are a lot alike.  

Walker goes to the pediatrician later this week for his checkup.  I will find out his height and weight then so I will have post his stats when I find out.  He also rolled over twice last week.  At first I thought it was a fluke but right after I flipped him back over he rolled over again.  He hasn't done it since but I haven't really given him the chance.  We might have an early mover on our hands!

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