Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Walker is 15 months!!

Walker turned 15 months and I feel like I blinked from his first birthday to now.  The past three months have flown by and Walker is growing up and changing so fast!

He went in for his well check up and he is perfectly healthy.  Here are our big boy's stats!

Weight: 25.3 lbs--82%
Height: 30.5 in--25%

Not much has changed in this area, he is still short and chunky!  The nurse measured him first then weighed him and when she saw the huge discrepancy she measured him again.  I feel like they do this almost every time we are there.

Here is what Walker is up to:

-Running now instead of walking
-Becoming a bit of a picky eater (which makes me crazy), but he can put down an enormous amount of food!
-Still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping 12 hours at night
-Has 7 teeth
-Says Dada and doggie, not much of a talker yet. He likes to point and grunt and what he wants :)
-He can wave and clap
-Loves to dance
-Loves to play peek a boo or "Where's Walker" which is what we call it!
-Obsessed with his shoes.  He either wants to wear them or hold them.
-He wants to be wherever Bennett is and doing whatever Bennett is doing.  This sometimes makes for a disaster, but he loves his big brother!

Looking like a big boy

His "say cheese" face!

Playing with one of his favorite toys

He is just all in all such a sweet boy and makes us laugh everyday.  He has mastered his tantrum throwing and can pitch a really good fit when he doesn't get his way, but for the most party he is such a funny, happy little guy!   We just love him to pieces!!!

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