Monday, October 7, 2013

Burt's Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip up to Burt's to get our pumpkins.  Boy it was quite a day!!  We left our house a little bit later then we had planned to leave because Walker slept in and since he was going to miss his morning nap I actually thought how him sleeping in would be a huge help and allow us to stay at Burt's a lot longer.  Right after he ate breakfast we got right into the car.

We headed out and had a nice quiet drive.  About 2 minutes before we pull into Burt's Bennett says "Mom Walker threw up!".  I turn around and what do you know there is Walker's breakfast all over him!  He never cried or whined he was just sitting there like nothing happened.  We pull into Burt's and get him out of the car clean him off and put on the extra outfit I had in my bag.  I had the boys in matching shirts for the day and of course that plan went down the drain.  Walker seemed totally fine once we cleaned him up and since we drove an hour up there we decided to try and make the most of it.  We hopped on the hayride then quickly picked out our pumpkins.  We were there for about 40 minutes.  We left pretty quickly just in case Walker really was sick!  Not really the plan I had in my head for the day but I was too afraid to push it.

On the hayride all cleaned up and ready to go!

He was excited!

Still a little dazed from the car ride

Me and Bennett

Searching for pumpkins

Found a good one!

With my boys!

Jeremy and the boys

Walking around and checking everything out!

The drive up there is on a lot of windy roads as you are heading up to the mountains and it turns out Walker just got car sick from the drive.  Walker is usually so easy going about things but the one area where he is not easy is the car.  He really doesn't love his carseat and hates being in it for anything over 30 minutes.  Maybe one day longer drives will get easier with him!!

He was not a happy camper on the way home because he was really hungry which was understandable since he lost his breakfast.  We got some lunch and he was back to his normal self after that.  

Let's just say we won't be driving up to the mountains or taking a long car ride for a while!  I am just glad he is not sick and it was only car sickness!

It still turned out to be a great day and we picked out some great pumpkins!

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