Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walker's First Haircut!!

Walker is such a cutie but his hair was getting out of control!  We needed to get his haircut and say goodbye to his baby mullet!  

His little wings on the side were always crazy

Look at that long mullet!  It had to go!!

He did great during the haircut.  He sat by himself in the chair and just hung out while the girl cut his hair.  I was impressed with how well he did!

Sitting in the chair about to get all that hair chopped off

Now he looks like such a big boy!  He kept this same face pretty much the entire time.  He was unimpressed :)

I love the way his hair looks!  He looks like a little boy now and it is nice not having all that crazy hair.

He loves his new hair!!

So much better!!!!

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