Monday, September 17, 2012


If you know Bennett you know he is obsessed with cars!  I know most little boys love cars, but I think Bennett's love for cars is a little more then most.  Every weekend when we get the newspaper Bennett wants us to pull out the car ads and he will look at them and tell us which car he wants.  We always ask him if he has the money to buy the cars he likes and he always says yes...if only that were true.  He won't let us throw the ads away either so he can look at them all day.

Going through the ads

Looking for cars that he likes

Showing us which ones he wants

Reading the paper with breakfast

Bennett is such a funny little kid.  He makes me laugh every day and the things that come out of his mouth makes me wonder how he comes up with a lot of the things he says.  I love seeing more of his personality and interests come out as he grows up.  

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