Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chuck E Cheese and a Slumber Party

Saturday Bennett had his first experience at Chuck E Cheese.  We were there to celebrate Bennett's second cousin Evan's 4th birthday.  Bennett had a good time, but he is usually reserved and shy when he is around a larger group of people that he doesn't know very well so it took him a while before he started to enjoy himself.  He played on a lot of rides and ran around but soon nap time approached and he was ready to go!  The only thing that made him happy when was he got to eat some cake.  He was actually dancing between every bite!
Acting shy when we first got there

He found a car and stayed in this for a while


Throwing the skee ball

Eating cake and dancing!

We left the party early to get Bennett home for a good nap.  He was spending the night with my sister and brother in law, or Lou Lou and Uncle D to Bennett, and I wanted him to be well rested and in a good mood for them.  I mean they have a 3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old so they need another toddler in their house like a hole in their heads but luckily they adore Bennett and jump at the chance to watch him.  Bennett also loves playing with his cousins so it works out perfectly!!  Lyndsay makes it way too easy for me though since she has kids Bennett's age all I have to send over are diapers and clothes and she takes care of everything else. This time she even picked him up and dropped him off!  I got a few pictures through out the night of what they were doing, so here are a few.

Bennett and Ella

Out to dinner 

Eating doughnuts for breakfast

I think he enjoyed eating so much sugar first thing in the morning!

Thank you again Lou Lou and Uncle D for taking care of Bennett for us!  I always know he is in good hands with them and they know exactly what to do with a rambunctious toddler so I never worry!!  Jeremy and I enjoyed our adult night out very much!

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