Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

Yesterday I luckily got in a fun play date with a friend and her little girl who is just a few weeks younger then Bennett.  We met at the pool and had a great time while the kids played.  Today on the other hand was a little less fun since it rained all morning!  We were stuck here for part of the morning because DirecTV had to come fix our satelite that had been broken all week.  Of course as soon as they left the rain picked up even more so instead of playing outside or running errands I had to entertain Bennett which can be difficult some days.

Waving Hi to me while taking his blanket for a ride

Trying to put his hat on himself...didn't work too well!!

Such a cutie!  He wore his hat around most of the morning.

Wearing one shoe which is becoming a daily  habit!

After playing chase around the house, which is his new favorite thing to do, and reading numerous books Bennett was tired enough for a good long nap.  When he woke up the rain had stopped so we left to run our errands and when we came home Bennett wanted to play outside.  Since we had been stuck inside most of the day I couldn't say no.  He played with his sidewalk chalk and threw the tennis ball for the dogs and just ran!  If he could live outside I think he would!!

Throwing the ball for Patty

Watching her go!
Tomorrow will be more of the same since it is supposed to rain all weekend.  Luckily we have a busy weekend planned with a birthday party Saturday afternoon and then that night my sweet sister is watching Bennett for us so Jeremy and I can have a night out with some friends!  Bennett always has so much fun with his cousins so I know he will have the best time.

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