Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Aquarium Trip

Saturday we took Bennett to the aquarium for his first time with Gigi and Papa Daddy.  I knew Bennett would enjoy it but he had a lot more fun then I thought he would.  As soon as we walked in he was dancing around and couldn't wait to see everything.  We got through all of the exhibits then went into the dolphin show.  Bennett did really well.  Jeremy and I weren't sure if he would sit long enough to let us all watch the show but he sat through the entire thing.  Sadly I forgot my camera so all of the pictures I took were on my phone.  I was so upset I left our camera at home but at least my phone has a decent enough camera.

Checking out sharks in one of the touch pools

Saying "Hi" to the turtle!

Walking through the underwater tunnel

The enormous whale shark that was swimming above our heads

Bennett in front of the aquarium wall.  He looked so tiny in front of it.

Another whale shark swimming by the wall

Bennett checking out the jelly fish

It was such a fun day and I can't wait to take Bennett back again!  

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