Friday, October 28, 2011

Cupcakes and Pumpkins

Tomorrow is Jeremy's birthday, so Bennett and I decided we should make him some yummy cupcakes today to help celebrate.  They were chocolate pumpkin cupcakes and they are so so good!!!!  Jeremy and I have plans tomorrow to watch the GA/FL game with friends then go to dinner, so the majority of his actual birthday we won't be with Bennett. Tomorrow morning we are going to breakfast to start off Jeremy's birthday festivities then we are dropping off Bennett around lunch time at my parents house, so we only really have the morning to be with him.  Jeremy and I are looking forward to spending the day with friends but we are sure going to miss Bennett.  I know he is going to have a great time at Pop Pop's house.  Since Bennett will be with Pop Pop tomorrow we went ahead and had cupcakes and Bennett gave Jeremy his gift tonight.

Excited to make cupcakes!

Helping mommy scoop them out

Enjoying his hard work!

After Jeremy opened his gifts we carved our pumpkin.  Bennett wasn't all that interested in participating so I cleaned out the pumpkin and Jeremy carved it while Bennett played.  I also pulled out all of the pumpkin seeds so I can roast them.  My mom always did that when we were growing up, so I like to continue doing it too.

Bennett checking out what Jeremy was doing

Taking a look at the finished product

Our pumpkins!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!  Bennett and I love you more then anything!  I have a feeling when Jeremy blew out his candle tonight he wished for GA to beat Florida tomorrow.  Here's hoping his wish comes true!  I am sure that will make his birthday.

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