Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Shirt PLEASE!

I think Bennett is trying to tell me something because yesterday he tried to take off his shirt again.  I hope my son doesn't keep his dislike for clothing.  It is cute now, but when he gets older this could be a problem!!  I just hope he doesn't try to undress at school :)

"Where is my arm!?"

I rarely get a picture of Bennett with his eyes open anymore.  He sees the camera and this is the face I get!

Bennett had a half day at school today.  His preschool follows the county school system so when they let out early so does his school. He no longer cries at all when he is dropped off and really loves school.  His teacher told me he is coming out of his shell and started dancing during chapel on Tuesday and today just danced because he just felt the need!  Since school let out early we met my friend Hether and her little girl, or really Bennett's buddy, Kennedy for lunch.  Bennett and Kennedy got a huge compliment while we were at lunch.  One of the waiters came up to us to tell us that they were the two best behaved kids they have had in the restaurant since they opened (they opened a couple of weeks ago).  He said they were talking about them in the kitchen and saying how well behaved they are.  I think it helped our case that there was a screaming toddler two tables away from us, but it was still a very nice compliment.  If only those people had been there those few times Bennett has acted up in a restaurant and we have had to take him to the bathroom for what I like to call a coming to Jesus talk.  For today I will take the compliment!!

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