Saturday, October 8, 2011

Charity Ride and Birthdays

Today we went up to see Jeremy's family.  The main reason for our visit was to go to a charity motorcycle ride in honor of Tamara's dad who passed away 5 years ago. He was a well respected pastor in their area.  Since he passed away Tamara and her mom have held a charity motorcycle ride every year to raise money in order to fund scholarships for students in a seminary program that her dad was involved in.  It was really neat seeing all of the bikers come back in from their ride.  There were about 80 of them so it really was fun to watch.  After the ride they had a great reception.  Bennett enjoyed the bikes and did ok during the reception but he started getting loud and restless so I took him outside. While I was outside I missed Jeremy's name being called because we won the raffle and the prize was a Big Green Egg!  For those of you that don't know what that is it is pretty much the best grill/smoker out there.  We never win anything so I was shocked that we won the raffle.  On top of a great event we also won a really great prize!!

Sweet Carder ready to see her Mommy and Daddy after the ride

Bennett running all over the place

Here comes Josh

Here comes Tamara

Some of the other riders

This woman is 97 and has done the ride in past years, she was also a student of Tamara's dad in seminary school at the age of 82!!!  No excuse to say it is too late to start something!

Bennett was excited to see all of the bikes

I told Bennett this is as close as he can get to a bike :)

After the event was over we went back to Jeremy's parents house so Bennett could nap and to celebrate mine and Jeremy's birthday.  Even though our birthdays aren't until later this month we didn't have another weekend free to get back to celebrate with everyone so we figured since we were already there we mine as well!  Gigi made a yummy dinner and had a variety of cupcakes for us to choose from so we could each have our favorite flavor.  It was a great day!

Bennett enjoying a cupcake

Swinging outside

Sleepy Carder

She is the sweetest!!

Tomorrow Jeremy and my dad will be putting the Green Egg together and finding a good spot for it outside.  This thing is heavy!!!  Now we need to learn how to use it :)

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