Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dance Party!!!

Trying to cook dinner every night can become challenging.  It is hard keeping Bennett occupied while I get dinner together and I don't like him playing around the stove.  Usually I have him color to keep him busy but some nights I will play music and we dance while I cook.  Last night Bennett had the best time dancing!  I played this song called "Hello" that is a very upbeat, happy song and Bennett loves it.  He was going nuts so I played the song about 10 times and cooked while he danced and he kept me laughing.  After Jeremy got home and we ate I turned the song back on so he could see how excited Bennett got and he did not disappoint.  He has some moves!

Spinning around!

Having so much fun

Getting down!

After we had the 2nd dance party when Jeremy was home, Bennett was wound up!  He decided to take a rubbermaid bin and wear it around the house.  Bennett is seriously the best entertainment.

Goof ball

He was talking while his head was in the bin

He was saying "Mama"

Now I have to brag a bit on my boy.  I volunteered at his school this morning for a book fair and after I finished I was leaving and one of the preschool employees who works in the front office said how great Bennett was doing.  She actually had him up at her desk a couple of days when he was having a hard time at school, so she knows how upset he used to get.  Today she said he is a model student (I am sure she tells a lot of parents that but it was sweet to hear) and that he is so sweet and a completely different child now then when he first started.  When I picked him up today the teacher said he had another great day and he actually has a friend in class named Bradley.  They colored together and played outside.  I thought it was so cute that he has a friend.  I am just so proud of Bennett that he has gone out of his comfort zone and now enjoys school.  Jeremy and I were both extremely shy kids and even as adults don't like being the center of attention or going out of our comfort zone so I am not shocked that Bennett has those qualities.  I figured we would have a shy child, but I am glad he is able to do new things and have fun.  

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