Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday and I am now 32.  When I was younger and thought about being in my thirties I thought it would look a lot different then it actually does.  I just assumed by 30 you were really an adult and had everything in life figured out.  I guess I am really an adult but I certainly don't feel like it and I am not at all close to having anything figured out and probably never will!  I had a great day yesterday!  It was a school day for Bennett so after I dropped him off my sister, Ella and I went out for breakfast.  It was fun having breakfast with the two of them.  After breakfast we ran to the store so Lyndsay could pick up a few more things for the birthday boy Ryan.  Then I went down to see Jeremy and we went to lunch which is something I always love being able to do.  It is nice when he and I are able to have lunch together especially if Bennett is in school.  After lunch I went and got a little shopping done for myself and before I knew it I needed to go pick up Bennett from school.

 Last night Jeremy came home early from work and brought home cake and ice cream for me.  That was a very nice surprise :)  We went to dinner then came home to eat cake and ice cream and open cards and gifts.  Jeremy already gave me my gift a couple of months ago and that was a MacBook Pro!!!  I have been in love with this computer since he got it for me it is amazing!!!  Bennett "drew" a picture for me of some black boots that he wants me to go pick out.  Sweet baby is so thoughtful!  It was just such a great day and Jeremy did so much to make my day special.

Me and my boy on my birthday

Now for the next few days I am older then Jeremy.  Luckily on Saturday that will end because it is Jeremy's birthday!!!  Bennett and I have a lot of work to do in order to make him feel as special as he made me feel today.

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