Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning started out early for me and Jeremy.  We woke up before the boys so we could make sure everything was ready for them and I could get breakfast in the oven.  Bennett was up shortly after us so we had breakfast with him and waited for Walker to get up.  Walker slept an hour later, so poor Bennett just stared at his gifts under the tree until Walker was fed and ready to go.

We started with gifts from Santa and slowly opened up gifts.  Bennett wanted to play with every gift as he opened them so we had to keep reminding him there were more gifts under the tree.

Coming down to see if Santa came

Checking to see if Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk

Sweet boy on his first Christmas!

Bennett opening up Walker's gift for him

Seeing what is in his stocking

Buzz Lightyear from Santa!!!!

My happy boy just hanging out

Playing with his new bowling set

Racing his new remote control car

After we opened gifts we just let Bennett play with all of his new toys.  He kept going back and forth between different toys, but Buzz Lightyear and his remote control car seem to be his favorite.  He was really tired from missing a nap the day before and waking up early, so by 11 he was already worn out.  We ate lunch then got him down for a nap.  After he got up we headed over to Pop Pop's house for round 2 of Christmas!

Another family picture!  

Pop Pop and Walker

Me and my handsome hubby :)

Bennett with one of his new trucks

Opening more gifts

Love this girl!  She knows how to pose for the camera!

Lou Lou and Walker

Ryan and Bennett playing

The boys helping Pop Pop fix the train that was around the tree


Ryan adores Walker

Walker adores pulling hair :) Ryan loves Walker so much that he didn't mind

Playing with Ryan's toys

The three of them stood at the counter and ate so much popcorn!  

After we opened gifts we ate dinner and again ate way too much food!  We had to head home soon after we ate.  It was getting late and Walker had enough and was ready for bed! 

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and are so incredibly blessed!  I am so thankful we can spend time with both of our families.  This Christmas was even more special since it was Walker's first.

We have already taken down all of our decorations for the year and cleaned.  It makes me feel so much better to get that done as soon as possible.  The boys got so many new toys so we had to spend a couple of days organizing their playroom.  Now we are just gearing up for New Years and enjoying our time together as a family.

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