Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a fun and busy day!  We started out the day baking some cookies just for Santa.  I figured it was best to get them made first thing in the morning since we had a long day ahead.

Putting Santa's cookies out to bake

After we all got ready we headed up to Jeremy's parents to spend the day with them.  We had a wonderful day with everyone.  Walker slept the majority of the time we were there.  He had been sick a few days before Christmas Eve so he was still feeling the effects from that and slept for hours!  We just let Bennett open his gifts for him since Walker has no idea what is going on anyway.  Both boys got so spoiled!!

Papa Daddy and Walker

Bennett opening gifts

Checking out his new car

Carder hugging her stocking

More cars!!!!

Our family!

Jeremy and Walker

Josh, Tamara, and Carder

Hanging out while Bennett played

Gigi with the kids

We left there to head home and get ready for Santa!  We got Walker to bed and then got everything ready with Bennett.  He was so excited to set out the cookies and put reindeer food outside.  We were laughing at Bennett when he put out the reindeer food.  As soon as we stepped outside he dumped almost all of it on our door mat.  Next year I will wait until we are out in the yard to give him the bag. I love that he gets it this year!  It makes it a lot more fun for Jeremy and I to see him get so excited.

Picking out what cookies he wanted Santa to have

Pouring out the reindeer food on our front door mat

He took a few more steps to pour out the rest

Telling me how Santa was going to get there

Really excited!!!!!

Bennett headed off to bed after we got everything done.  We told him Santa was waiting for him to go to sleep so he could come to our house.  He had no nap that day so he was ready for bed and Santa!  It was a great Christmas Eve!!!!

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