Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Visit

We took the boys to see Santa over the weekend.  Bennett has been really excited to see Santa so he could tell him he wanted a white truck for Christmas.  Usually we go to the Santa at Phipps because you can make an appointment so it is hassle free.  This year I got my email to sign up for an appointment late and by the time I was able to sign up there weren't any appointments that worked for us so we decided to head to the mall and see a different Santa.

We waited over an hour for Santa which made me realize I don't care when I get an appointment for the other Santa I would rather go at a strange time then wait over an hour in line again.  Thankfully Bennett and Walker did fine while we waited and Bennett was really excited.  I really had high hopes that this year we would have a scream free visit.  I figured Bennett wouldn't talk to Santa, but I thought he would sit on his lap without freaking out.  Well I was wrong, very wrong!  He could see Santa from the line and never freaked out, but once we got to the front of the line and it was our turn Bennett started screaming.  Santa had to hold Bennett onto his lap while trying to hold Walker so our visit with Santa was very quick.

Unhappy with Santa
(the picture quality is bad bc I took a picture of the picture with my phone)

After Bennett's freak out he was upset because he didn't tell Santa he wanted a white truck.  I told him Santa knows and to not worry about it.  On Christmas morning he will be happy to see that Santa left him a white truck under the tree even though he didn't get to tell him that is what he wanted.

Maybe next year Bennett won't freak out.  Walker probably will though so I am sure we won't have a tear free Santa picture for a while!

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