Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year and Our Growing 3 Year Old

Happy New Year!!!  We had a very low key New Years.  It isn't like we have many options with a 3 year old and 5 month old.  Maybe next year we can book a babysitter and get out.  Honestly though I kind of like being home and hanging out.  The crowds on New Years aren't really my cup of tea!

This year Jeremy and I ordered Chinese takeout and drank champagne in the comfort of our own home.  I managed to stay up until midnight which was a huge struggle.  As soon as the ball dropped I fell asleep.  Bennett didn't get the memo that we needed a little extra sleep in the morning since we stayed up late so Jeremy and I were dragging on New Years Day.  New Years Day we just relaxed at home and I made black eyes peas, collard greens, and ham.  It was yummy!!!!!

We are looking forward to the New Year and all that it has in store for us.  Jeremy and I realized this is the first year in a while where we are not planning for any big life changes.  In 2009 I was pregnant and had Bennett, 2010 Bennett was a newborn, I quit my job to stay home, Jeremy got a new job, and we moved into a new home, 2011 we decided to try for another baby and I was pregnant with Walker in November, and 2012 we spent the year getting prepared for Walker then adjusting to a new baby.  This year there will be no more babies and no big changes (at least in our plans there won't be).  It is kind of nice just being able to enjoy what we have, watch our boys grow up and not have anything big to prepare for!

Bennett playing with Walker on New Years Day

Sharing his stuffed pug "Alice" with Walker

With the holidays December was so busy I couldn't get an appointment for Bennett for his 3 year well check.  We finally went in last week and my has he grown!  He has grown 4 inches in one year.

3 year stats:
35 1/2 lbs-- 84%
38 in-- 66%

His pediatrician thinks his height is wrong and that Bennett is actually taller then 38in.  Bennett wasn't standing up very straight and kept putting his head down when they measured him so he very well could be taller then what they measured.  His doctor said just by looking at Bennett he can tell he is more proportionate in his height and weight since Bennett is pretty skinny.  He is solid though so who knows, but the doctor was not concerned about any of his stats.  Bennett is right on track developmentally and won't go back until he is 4 unless he gets sick.

Bennett has changed a lot recently and seems so grown up.  He is so smart and funny.  Some of the things that come out of his mouth blow me away...usually in a good way :)  He has an incredible memory and brings up things that we did months ago.  He is such a sweet big brother and loves Walker.  He is starting to play with him more and loves to bring toys over for Walker to play with.  I have a feeling once Walker is mobile and takes the toys he wants Bennett may not be as into sharing but who knows. 

I was also warned that it is not really the terrible twos to worry about but the terrible threes and oh my goodness everyone was right!!!!!  Bennett has acquired quite an attitude lately and is really testing his limits with us.  We are standing firm with him and trying to stay patient but he is really pushing it some days with us.  I just hope it gets better and not worse!

Being sweet with Walker

My funny 3 year old!

I can't say it enough how much I love this little boy!  He amazes me every day and it is so much fun seeing him grow into this wonderful little boy!

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