Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This is how I am starting to feel when dinner time rolls around.  Bennett eats great at breakfast but most days it is a slow decline from there.  Lunch is usually ok, but there are some days he doesn't eat much.  Then dinner comes and he rarely wants to eat what I serve him.  We are feeding him what I cook for Jeremy and myself instead of making a "kid friendly" meal and sometimes he loves it but most times he does not.  I make sure he has a vegetable at dinner every night and 9 times out of 10 that goes uneaten.  Right before Bennett got sick we were turning a corner and he was eating more vegetables and making an effort to eat his dinner.  When he was sick I was mainly feeding him crackers since he didn't want to eat anything else so I feel like any headway we were making was undone.

Last night at dinner I had made a very yummy Asian Noodle dish.  Bennett took one look and decided he was going to have no part and pushed his chair back.  Well he pushed so hard that the chair kept going backwards and hit the floor while Bennett was strapped into his booster seat.  Of course he hit his head so there were lots and lots of tears.  Needless to say he didn't eat dinner.  Tonight the same, he ate a couple bites then was over it.  I am going to continue to be consistent and offer him healthy food options and hopefully one day he will come around.  He used to eat all of these things before, but recently he has stopped.  His pediatrician warned me about this happening but he told me to not give up and to keep offering him vegetables and healthy food, so that is what I will do.  Luckily he likes fruit so I can get him to eat that, just need to work on those veggies!  If Bennett had it his way he would live off of goldfish crackers, yogurt, and grapes.  Heres hoping dinner goes better tomorrow night!

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