Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Dr. Visit and Trains

Pop Pop and Bennett

Cute picture of my dad and Bennett from last night.  My dad watched Bennett for us so we could go to our niece Carder's baby dedication at church.  The baby dedication service was held at night and since it is an hour away for us we decided to leave Bennett at home so we didn't have to worry about a melt down from him since it would have been past his bed time.  He was also running another fever yesterday!  I took him to the doctor again today and it turns out he just has a bad cold and luckily today we have been fever free so he can go to school tomorrow.  I am glad Pop Pop was able to be with him last night and give him a few extra cuddles.  It was great being able to see sweet Carder.  She is getting so big and I have missed her, so I am glad we got some time with her last night.

Today after the doctor and Bennett's nap we played outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  After we played we came inside so I could start dinner.  My plan for dinner turned out to be a lot more involved then I realized.  I didn't pay close enough attention to the recipe before I bought the ingredients and had planned to make it.  I usually cook more difficult things on the weekends while Jeremy entertains Bennett.  What made my involved dinner even more annoying was that it wasn't even all that good.  It didn't taste bad, but for the effort it wasn't really great.  Oh well guess that is what happens when you try out new recipes!

Oh Bubbles!

Driving in his car

Very interested in what Mommy was cooking

After dinner Bennett had a fun surprise from Jeremy.  Last night Jeremy's parents gave us all of Jeremy's old trains and train tracks that he played with as a kid.  These are big metal trains and a lot different then Bennett's Thomas trains.  He was so excited when Jeremy put it all together.  He kept yelling "choo choo" as the trains went around the track.  Bennett LOVES trains!!!!

So excited!


saying choo choo!

Happy Boy!

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