Thursday, September 8, 2011


My baby is 21 months now!  We are still working on our communication skills and this is something I pray gets better soon, very soon.  The tantrums are killing me!  Today was a school day for Bennett. According to his teacher he started out sad, but became very playful as the day went on.  When I went in to pick him up today he was playing and didn't notice me right away.  As soon as he noticed me he held up the toy he was playing with to show me and said "Oh Wook" (wook means look)!  Then he ran over for me to pick him up.  I love that he gets so excited when I pick him up.  He took a nap when we got home then when he woke up we played outside.  This weather is too amazing to stay inside.

My big boy

Playing with his bubble machine

Trying to blow bubbles

Today while we were playing outside Bennett wanted to come back inside which is not normal usually he throws a fit when we go back inside.  When we came in he walked over to where I keep the bubbles and I asked him if he wanted bubbles and he said his version of yes.  He played non stop with bubbles while we were outside.  I guess next time I will make sure the bubbles are outside for him to play with.

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