Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Team Spirit Day

Today at Bennett's school they had Team Spirit Day.  Everyone was supposed to wear their favorite teams shirt, jersey, or whatever showed off their team.  Of course Bennett was sporting his Georgia gear today and he looked very cute!!!

So Cute!

Excited to wear his GA shirt to school!

Bennett has been having a hard time at school lately.  His first day of school was no problem but I guess now he knows what to expect when we get there so it is a bit more challenging.  We talked all about school this morning and we do this every morning to get him excited.  As soon as I pulled in the parking lot today he yelled "School" and was happy to be there.  Once they open the doors to go in he starts getting timid and as soon as we get to his classroom he is screaming his head off. The teacher said today was a better day for him, so I am praying he continues to do better and will start to have fun.  I think my boy is just going to take more time to warm up to new situations and that is ok.  He is also teething right now and is having some congestion from allergies so I also think that is contributing to him being a bit more fussy.  I know he will come around soon!

After school Bennett napped which he is always ready for after a day at school.  When he got up he wanted to color.  He loves Curious George so I pulled out his Curious George coloring book but not much was colored.

Reading through his coloring book :)

Then he spilled every crayon on the floor

Helping Mommy clean up his mess

Here's hoping to a better school day Thursday and every day from here on out!

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