Saturday, September 3, 2011

GOOOO Dawgs!

Today is probably Jeremy's favorite day of the year which means the start of college football and the Georgia season.  Since Bennett is still sick we have stayed in all day.  I took him to the pediatrician yesterday and they checked him for strep and hand, foot, and mouth since that was going around his school but he didn't have either, turns out he has a virus.  Today has been a lot better.  His temperature has been much lower and I can tell he feels better.  He had a rough night last night so I am praying tonight is better for all of our sakes. We haven't been up with him like that in so long that I forgot how hard it is to be up throughout the night.  Since the GA game doesn't come on until 8 tonight poor Bennett has to miss the first game since he is already in bed.  He was asking to go down around 6!  Here's hoping the Dawgs can pull out a win tonight!!!  And here's hoping I can stay awake since I got very little sleep last night...I am drinking coffee now to help perk me up.

We hung out outside this morning while Jeremy did yard work

In his GA gear.  Poor baby was tired!

My favorite boys!

Me and my sick baby

Precious :)

Tomorrow we are going to stay in again instead of spending the afternoon with friends at a cookout.  Even if Bennett wakes up with no fever (which I am praying he does) we will lay low just to give him another day to rest and make sure it is out of his system for good.  So here's hoping for a win by the dawgs, a night of uninterrupted sleep, and a fever free boy in the morning!

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