Friday, September 23, 2011

Date Night with Dad

Last night Bennett's school had an event called Date Night with Dad.  All of the dad's took their kids to the school and they had pictures, crafts, and food.  I love that they have a night just for dads and the crafts they made were so cute!  Bennett had made a couple of things while in school that were a total surprise for Jeremy and then they also colored another picture last night.  I can't wait to see the picture that was taken of the two of them.  I am glad that Jeremy and Bennett were able to get some quality time together and I was able to grab dinner with some friends so this Mama got a nice evening to herself which is much needed every once in a while.

The boys before their night at school

Bennett also had a great day at school yesterday!!!  We talk all about school every morning and I will continue to do this because it seems to get Bennett excited to go.  We also talk about not fussing while at school and that Mommy will always come back to get him.  Yesterday Bennett did not want to walk into school he wanted to be carried so I did carry him.  I don't want to push him too much.  When we got to his class he started to get fussy and I told him it was ok and to have fun which seemed to calm him down until we walked into class and then he started screaming!  When I picked him up he was on the playground playing and having fun and his teachers said he only cried for the first 10 minutes but after that was great.  They told me he was helpful and anything they asked him to do he said "ok".  His report for the day was cheerful, playful, and happy!!!  I am just praying this continues and he starts to enjoy school more and more!

Happy Boy!

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