Friday, March 1, 2013

School Performance

On Wednesday Bennett participated in his school performance called "Rock of Ages".  The basis of the theme is that Jesus is our Rock in life, so all of the kids in his age group dressed in different musical themes.  Bennett's class was the 20's, so they had top hats, ties and a fake trumpet for their costume.

I kept asking Bennett before the performance to show me the songs and dances but he always said "No Mommy".  The day before they practiced one last time and he was really excited about being on stage and told me how fun it was.  I was a bit surprised at his enthusiasm but I know he had no clue the next day he would be on stage in front of a lot of people!

Bennett did great through the performance he got on stage and during the first two songs he sang along and did some of the motions to the songs.  I was so proud of him!  I honestly just kept staring at him so proud of my big boy!  I video taped the whole thing and it is hysterical because during one song you can see him looking for Jeremy and I in the crowd and you see him find us and as soon as he does he turns to the side and stops singing and dancing.  He just kept looking at us smiling over his shoulder.

Waiting for his big brother to get on stage!

Bennett walking on stage

Ready to perform!!
Bennett is on the far left of the middle row

He was so proud of himself!

My big boy!  So proud of him!!!!

I loved watching him!!  When you have a very shy child you never know how they will do in these situations, so I really am so proud of him and how he handled himself.  After the show he got to have lunch with his best bud Kennedy so I know for him that was the highlight of his day.

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