Monday, March 11, 2013

Reasons to Celebrate!

This weekend was so great.  The weather was amazing and we had a couple of reasons to celebrate around here.  The first reason came when Jeremy got a great promotion at work!  This has been in the works for a while and he finally got the news he got it on Thursday.  Jeremy isn't one to toot his own horn so I will toot it for him!  I am so proud of him, he works very hard and it is great that his hard work is being noticed.  Friday night we decided to grab dinner to celebrate, but soon we need to book our baby sitter and go out just the two of us.

Our second reason to celebrate was for sweet Ella.  She turned 3 yesterday and her party was on Saturday.  I am so mad at myself because I left my camera at home so I did not get any pictures of her adorable princess party.  Ella is a girly girl and loves all things princess and my sister put on a party fitting for a princess.  The kids got to jump in a castle bounce house and run around for hours, they had the best time.  It was a great party!  Yesterday we called the birthday girl so we could do Face Time and she appears on the screen in a Snow White dress and a big flower head band on!  I love that she chose that to dress up for her big day.  We love our sassy Ella!!

The weather this weekend got up close to the 70s so we spent every second we could outside.  Bennett was in heaven!!!  He followed Jeremy around all day while he did yard work.  After that was done we blew bubbles, colored with side walk chalk and just ran around the yard.  I love that Spring is right around the corner!

Bennett wants to be just like his daddy!!

This little guy keeps scooting backwards under furniture!  

Sweet baby!

Walker spent a little time with us outside and it won't be long before he can really get out there and play.  He is the most mobile immobile little guy :)  He flops back and forth from his belly to his back like he is a fish out of water and just rolls everywhere.  He just started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth...uh oh!  Right now he can only go backwards but I know very soon he is going to figure it out and be all over the place.  Life will be interesting when he is mobile!  He is also getting his first tooth finally.  I know I have said a few times he was teething and finally those suckers are cutting through.  I can feel one of his bottom teeth that has just cut through and the other one isn't far behind.  I will miss his gummy grin!

All in all we had a great weekend with family and enjoying the great weather.  

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