Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas and New Years 2014

Christmas was so much fun this year.  I love seeing how excited Bennett and Walker get, so it makes everything that much better for Jeremy and I watching their excitement!

Bennett and I made some reindeer food and cookies for Santa.  Santa told us when we saw him that he wanted us to leave him chocolate chip cookies so that he what he got!

Making reindeer food

Christmas Eve we always spend with Jeremy's family.  This year we did brunch which was great so we headed up early to go see everyone. 

Excited to be at Gigi and Papa Daddy's house!!

Ready to celebrate Christmas

Gigi with her grandkids

Now with Papa Daddy too!

Silly boy

Opening gifts!

Here is the boy's big gift from Gigi and Papa Daddy!

They were so excited!

Enjoying some sweets

After we got home we grabbed dinner and then we got ready for Santa!  We put out food for the reindeer and Santa's cookies and milk.

Putting out food for the reindeer

Picking out the best cookies for Santa!

Santa CAME!!!!!!

The boys were up early!  We got up around 6 to get breakfast in the oven and make everything just right.  By 6:30 the boys were up and ready to go!

Checking out what Santa left

Santa left the boys a note. Bennett loved that and was excited to see he ate his cookies!

Tearing into their gifts

So exciting!

The boys love Paw Patrol so they got a good bit of those toys!

Bennett helped Walker open his gifts

Patty even got a few things from Santa!

Later in the day we headed over to my sister's house to do another round of Christmas and eat dinner.  All the kids love seeing each other and checking out the new toys they all got.

Walker's gift from my dad was bigger then he was!

More and more gifts!  These boys are spoiled!

Ella with her new cowboy boots

Ryan and his light saber or as he calls it his light saver :)

4 hungry kiddos!

I love this picture.  Ella got a big Barbie doll that you can do her hair.  Ryan was playing with Ella's hair with the Barbie toys while they all laid around chatting.  These kids love each other!

Precious boys

Love these 4!

These 2 are such a mess together.  They act more like brother and sister then cousins!

It was such a great Christmas Eve and Christmas and we are so lucky we can see both sides of our family and spend quality time with everyone.

After Christmas Bennett and Walker got sick again.  Bennett just had a fever for one day, but Walker was down and out for the week up until New Years.  We didn't have any big New Years plans but this made us really be home bound, so we enjoyed a quiet night at home and Jeremy and I didn't even make it to midnight.  When you have sick kids keeping you up at night you need sleep!

I have to say 2014 was an interesting year to say the least.  I really thought 2014 would be a fairly uneventful year, but that all changed very quickly.  I am thankful my kids are too young to really understand anything bad was going on around them, so that was a huge blessing.  Nothing makes my mama bear side come out more when someone does something to hurt my kids.  In my eyes kids are off limits!  I have learned a lot about people and how selfish they can be.  Thankfully God has protected all of us and my dad especially.  It is true what they say that the truth always prevails and everyone around us has seen the truth and what was really going on.  My dad is also the happiest I have seen him in a long time.  I told Jeremy the other day I almost forgot what it was like to see him happy and it is so nice to see him that way again.  I am glad he isn't stressed and unhappy anymore.  He deserves it more then anybody!

Here is to 2015 being much less eventful!  It will definitely be a big year for us since Bennett starts Kindergarten and Walker will be in preschool.  Jeremy and I also will celebrate our 10th anniversary and are trying to plan some time away so we can celebrate.  I am really looking forward to all this year has to bring!

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