Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Activities!

The month of December was a busy one but I guess it is to be expected, especially since we also have Bennett's birthday in the mix too.  We still try to do a few fun things with the boys during all the craziness.

One of the first things we did was bake.  I always like to bake and decorate cookies with Bennett.  We did this while Walker napped.  I think next year we will let him in on the fun.  He would have just slung icing and sprinkles everywhere so I decided to keep my sanity and let him sleep through this activity!

Bennett was excited and ready to decorate!

Bennett's decorating approach is to put as many sprinkles in one spot as you can.

Not the prettiest but they taste good and that is all that matters!

Enjoying his cookie!

One night we put the boys in their PJs and made hot chocolate so we could go look at Christmas lights.

Ready to go!

He needed sunglasses to look at the lights :)

Having fun!

The last week of school for Bennett he had a Christmas program.  It was really cute and after the program they had fun activities for all of the kids to enjoy.  It was a fun night.

Bennett kept making goofy faces and I asked him to just give me a normal smile, this is what I got!

Silly boys!

Walker did great during the program thanks to cookies and Pop Pop!

Singing with his class

Bennett teachers and most of his class after the performance

With his buddies!

The boys and their teachers

So proud of my boy!

 They had a train ride set up in the parking lot and they were dying to ride this!

All in all we had a great time leading up to Christmas and kept busy.  Bennett unfortunately got sick and missed his last day of school and the class Christmas party, then Walker got sick with a stomach bug.  Luckily they were both healthy before Christmas came around!

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