Monday, January 5, 2015

Bennett turns 5!

I still cannot believe Bennett is 5.  He is a kid now and it makes me a bit sad, but I also love this stage we are moving into with him.  Bennett is so smart, sometimes it is crazy how smart he is!  He can read now and I mean read books not just a sight word here and there.  There are times he is reading and I think to myself well he won't be able to read this or that and 9 times out of 10 he proves me wrong.  He will read books to Walker before bed.  It is amazing to see him learn and grow.  His Pre-K teacher said he will have no problems in Kindergarten when he starts in the fall.

Bennett has also come out of his shell.  I had a parent/teacher conference with his teacher and I mentioned something about him being shy and she was shocked that he was ever a shy kid.  He has really blossomed and I love that he is growing in his confidence and becoming more assertive. 

He is a great big brother and he and Walker have become best friends.  Don't get me wrong they fight like crazy but they love each other so much and it is so wonderful to watch.  Bennett is so thoughtful and just the sweetest thing.  I love watching him grow up!  

We spent a few days celebrating his birthday.  I wanted to keep it simple but ended up dragging it out over a few days!  Bennett's birthday was on a Monday so on his actual birthday we had the boys from his class and another friend from school over after school for a birthday celebration with his friends.  Before that we had a family party on Saturday.  That Friday we also did a separate celebration with my dad because he was going out of town for a really fun trip so we celebrated with him before he headed out of town.

Opening his scooter from Pop Pop!  He was so excited to get this but his initial reaction was funny because he put this on his list to Santa and he wanted to make sure it was ok that he got it before Christmas.  We assured him we told Santa that Pop Pop got the scooter!

Brothers hanging out before the family party started

Singing Happy Birthday

With our birthday boy!

Opening gifts

Walker wanted to make sure Bennett's new helmet worked!

The morning of his actual birthday!  Of course we had to have his favorite donuts for breakfast.

Opening our gifts to him

Celebrating at school

Dancing after their treat.  Notice Walker is right smack in the middle of the big kids.  He thinks he is part of their class :)

Having so much fun!

Playing outside with some of his friends after school

Ready to sing Happy Birthday for the 4th and final time!

He has the sweetest group of friends

Walker and Caroline.  Caroline is the little sister to one of Bennett's friends that we play with all the time.  Walker is in love with Caroline and talks about her a lot!  He was happy she came to the party too!

Ended the big day at Five Guys per Bennett's request.  This is his favorite place to eat!

It was a great few days we were able to spend celebrating Bennett.  He was so happy he got to see family and have his friends over.  He was really excited to finally turn 5, he has been talking about turning 5 since his fourth birthday so in his mind it was about time.  I take him later this week for his 5 year check up so we will see how much he has grown when I take him in.  

I just can't say enough about Bennett and the person he is growing up to be.  He makes us so proud and I am lucky I get to be his mom.  I still can't believe he is 5 and will start Kindergarten this year!  Time sure does fly!

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