Saturday, August 9, 2014

Walker Turns 2!!

My baby is two!  I can't believe my little baby is already two!  Not to mention I am late posting this since his birthday was weeks ago in July.  I also don't have his two year stats yet because I called last minute to make his 2 year well check and can't get in till later this month…ooopps!

His actual birthday fell on a Saturday this year which worked out great.  I didn't feel like doing a big party so we just had Jeremy's family and my family over.  I planned on the kids being able to play outside with water toys but it was raining so my plans got squashed.  All of the kids were content to play with each other inside and since we kept it small it wasn't a big deal having 5 kids running around.

Walker had so much fun with his cousins and he got an even bigger treat when Ryan and Ella came back over later in the day for a sleep over!

The birthday boy right after he woke up on his birthday

Sweet brothers!

Eating his birthday donut

Opening gifts from us

Cupcakes for the party!  I can't take any credit on these.  My sister came up with this cute idea and decorated them for me!  This idea came up when we thought the kids would be outside in bathing suits playing in the kiddie pool and water.  They were too cute to not do once we knew we were rained out!

Me and my sweet boy!

Jeremy and the birthday boy

Love these kiddos so much!

He was happy he finally got his cupcake!

Not so happy when we sang Happy Birthday to him!

Happy again :)

With our sweet two year old!

Checking out his new gifts.  

Cousin love!!

Precious two year old

Walker has grown up and changed so much in the past few months.  He is talking up a storm!  He will repeat everything he hears and just talks away all day.  He and Bennett have the funniest conversations with each other.  Walker doesn't understand half of what is being said but he still answers and chimes in with whatever he can come up with!  Bennett seems to always understand what Walker is trying to say to him.  Speaking of him and Bennett they have become so close lately and are each others built in play mate.  They fight like crazy and push each others buttons but their bond is becoming so strong.  I love watching them together.  Siblings really are the best thing!

Walker is also recognizing letters.  He will see certain ones and shout out "B" or whatever letter it is he recognizes.  He tries to sing the ABC song but can only get to the letter D.  He is such a smart little guy and picks up on things so fast.  It also helps that Bennett loves teaching and showing him new things.

I just can't say enough about Walker.  His personality and smile are infectious!  He is so funny and silly and loves to make people laugh.  This kid also never sits still, he is always on the move! He can be very affectionate and lovable, especially with me.  He is a momma's boy!  Most of the time he only wants me. It is funny because he is so independent and outgoing but can be extremely clingy and needy all at the same time.  He has a temper and doesn't mind sharing his feelings.  Walker shows every emotion he is having.  You never have to guess how he feels about something!!  He wants to grow up fast and do everything Bennett can do.  Every night he wants to sleep in Bennett's bed and is becoming interested in the potty.  I am hoping these interests stay around when it is time to take the leap and make these changes.

We just love Walker so much.  The past two years have flown by but I love watching him grow up and change.

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