Monday, August 25, 2014

2 Year Stats

Walker had his 2 year well check last week a month after he actually turned 2…one day I will get them in closer to their actual birthdays!

He has grown a ton since his last visit which I wasn't surprised by.  He can still wear 2T clothes but in shirts he needs a 3T sometimes.  It is crazy because Bennett can still wear a 4T in some things and Walker is growing into a 3T.  He is a big boy!

Walker's 2 year stats:

Weight- 30.4 lbs  75%
Height- 36 in  88%

Poor guy had to get a shot and his finger pricked and he didn't handle it very well.  He screamed like his toenails were being ripped off one by one.  He also screamed like that when the Dr examined him.  I was in a full blown sweat once the appointment was over from trying to hold him down.  As soon as they were done with him he would go back to talking away and being cute.  He can turn it on and off like that!  He entertained and charmed everyone even though he screamed like crazy!

Being cute in between screaming during the examination and shots! And as you can tell he is still rocking the rolls like a champ!  Love his sweet baby rolls!!  I will be a bit sad when he loses his baby fat:(

Everything went well though!  He is very healthy and right on track for his age.  He is actually a bit advanced since he now can recognize all of his letters and even some lower case letters and count to 8.  He knows a few colors but that is something I need to work on with him.  Since Bennett is color blind (yes he is very color blind!!) he will tell Walker that something is a certain color when it isn't.  Poor Walker may go into preschool thinking green is brown!  He is also very verbal and getting really good at communicating what he needs which makes life a bit easier.  They were pretty impressed with all he knows!  We don't have to go back until he is 2.5 unless he gets sick so hopefully we don't have to be back for a while.

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