Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bennett's First Day of Pre-K!

Bennett started Pre-K yesterday!  I was kind of emotional about the whole thing.  It just hit me that this is his last year of preschool and we signed him up for school everyday.  I am sad that he will be gone everyday since next year he has to be in school everyday and I could have had him home a bit more this year.  I kind of wish now I was sending him 4 days instead of 5 just to have him home one day with us, but I know he will not mind one bit being there everyday and I hope it prepares him for the long days ahead of him when he goes to kindergarten next year.  That is why we initially thought to send him 5 days was to prep him for elementary school next year.

He was so excited to go back to school.  I was a bit anxious because we missed his open house the week before because Bennett was sick, so we didn't get to meet his teachers or see the classroom.  Bennett has a few girls from his 2 year old class in his class this year but no one from his 3s class last year.  That was a bit of a let down but I know he will make new friends fast.  His teachers are great and I am happy he is in their class!

I love this boy!

Ready for his first day!

Such a cutie :)

My boys

Ready for school!

Getting settled in.  You can tell he is a bit unsure but when I picked him up he was ready to go back the next day!

Walker missed Bennett.  He wouldn't leave him alone once he got home!

I am looking forward to what this new school year brings for Bennett.  I know he will do great things and learn a lot.  I really do miss him during the day and so does Walker.  Walker asked a hundred times "Where's Bennett?".  I think he figured out pretty quickly that with Bennett gone he gets all of my attention so he is warming up to the idea of Bennett going to school every day!

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