Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthdays and Fall Fun!

Jeremy and I just celebrated our birthdays before Halloween.  They were very low key and uneventful. For my birthday all I wanted was to have a quiet dinner after the boys were in bed so we ordered take out Chinese and relaxed.  I thoroughly enjoyed eating dinner in peace!  For Jeremy's birthday I cooked him french toast at his request for dinner and made him a hot fudge pie for dessert.  We had a nice week celebrating, but hopefully next year we can get out just the two of us and do something a little more fun.

Decorating Daddy's birthday card

Making Daddy a Happy Birthday sign

Helping me make french toast

We also had a fun Halloween party we went to at my friend Sari's house.  They have hosted this party for the past three years and it is so much fun.  The kids dress up in their costumes and play while the adults get to hang out and watch the GA/Fla game.  I ended up not putting Bennett in his costume this year because he was having a lot of fun playing and he wouldn't have stopped long enough for me to change him.

In their GA gear before the party

Cutest little Bulldawg fan!

All of the kids at the party minus Walker...He was knocked out in his car seat ready to head home

Then we had to carve our pumpkin for Halloween which Bennett was really excited about.  The whole morning he kept asking when we were going to carve the pumpkin and telling me he was so excited.  I asked him if he wanted a nice pumpkin or a scary one.  He kept changing his mind so we just went with the classic pumpkin face for our pumpkin. Once we got ready to carve the pumpkin Bennett was not as interested in participating but Jeremy and I had fun.

Checking in on our work

The finished product

Our pumpkins!

I am so glad fall is here!  I love this time of year!!

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