Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Potty Training!

Over Thanksgiving break I decided I was going to potty train Bennett.  I figured since he had the week off from school it would be a good time to start this process.  I took some advice from friends and did the 3 day potty training boot camp.  That pretty much means that we potty trained like it was our job for 3 days straight and luckily it worked!  Bennett is now potty trained.  He tells me when he needs to go now and rarely has an accident.  So glad to be done with diapers on one child!

Proudly holding a new hot wheel that he earned!

I am very proud of Bennett for catching on so well.  Yesterday was his first day at school and I was so nervous that he was going to have an accident and not tell his teachers when he needed to go but he did great and had no problem telling them when he needed to use the potty.  Yay for no more diapers!!!

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