Monday, October 22, 2012

3 months!

I feel like I just posted about Walker turning 2 months old.  Time is going fast and this sweet boy is now 3 months old.  I weighed him with me on our scale the other day and he is already 17 pounds.  He is a big boy and so chubby and cuddly!  I love it!  

He is still a great sleeper, we have gotten so lucky with him.  He is better about being in his car seat and makes getting out easier so we are getting out and about a lot more now.  The only thing we need to work on are his bottle taking skills.  He would prefer to nurse then take a bottle and there have been a couple of times that we have been out and he has refused a bottle so I have to nurse him in the car.  I found some new bottles that he seems to like better and so far they are working.  He took two bottles this weekend with no problem.  

I can't complain though he really is the easiest baby, so if he refuses a bottle every now and then so be it.  I can deal with that!!

Bennett holding Walker's hand :)

Love this picture!

Happy 3 months Walker Bear!!

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