Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Performance

Last week Bennett had his Spring Performance at school.  The performance was for all of the kids in the 3 year old classes so it was a large group of kids and they did such a good job.  I have to hand it to their music teacher because she does such a good job getting those kids up there and performing everything so well!  I know that cannot be easy.

Bennett did a great job singing but didn't really get in on the dancing!  We recorded the whole thing and he asks to watch it all the time.  You can tell during the video when he gets embarrassed and he threw a couple looks mine and Jeremy's way that were like "Mom and dad stop waving at me you are embarrassing me!!"

This crazy child!  We barricaded him in the aisle with his stroller just to contain him.  I brought so many toys and every snack I could think of so he could make it through.  He does not like to be still but he did pretty good!

Sweet Bennett!  He is on the back row second from the left.  

All done…Phew! 

Walker was so excited to see Bennett when he was done.  It was adorable!

Love this boy!

I took Bennett after the performance for a little treat since he did so well.  He told me I deserved a treat too because I watched him so we all had a little something yummy!  It was a fun day and I was so proud of Bennett.  

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