Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow and Valentine's Day

I am way behind on posting what has been going on, so here is an attempt at a recap!

Last month we had two snow storms hit and keep us stuck at home for days.  Bennett missed so much school!  The snow was a lot of fun to play in with the boys and luckily Jeremy can work from home so we had two rounds of family time.  I will admit towards the end we all got stir crazy and the snow wasn't that much fun anymore!

Isn't he so cute in his snow boots!?  

When it snows you must wear sun glasses

Making snow balls!

Sweet baby enjoying his first time in the snow!

The second snow storm came the week of Valentine's Day so Bennett's school party was postponed because school was closed.  On the morning of Valentine's we gave the boys a few little gifts.  Luckily the snow was melting that day so we were able to get out of the house!  We went to have dinner as a family and had a low key night.  It was fun spending the day with my 3 Valentines!

Checking out his fun stuff!

He was confused, he just wanted food!

My sweet boys!

The following week when they were back in school Bennett got to have his Valentine's Party finally.  He loved exchanging cards with all of his friends.  It was a fun week but I really hope we do not get any more snow!

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