Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Walker is ONE!!!

It happened my baby turned one on Friday!  I really cannot believe how fast this past year has flown by.  It definitely goes faster with the second child then the first.

Walker had a great first birthday.  We spent the day at home getting ready for his party and let him open our gift to him and play.  Later that night we went to Mexican for his birthday dinner.  We didn't do too much since Saturday was party day!

Enjoying breakfast on his birthday

Trying to open our gift to him

The box is always more fun then the actual gift!

Saturday was his party and I did a sail boat theme.  I think everything turned out cute and I kept things really easy and just ordered pizza instead of making all of the food.  It was a great day celebrating our sweet boy with family and friends!

Cake, smash cake, and cupcakes all decorated by my sister

Singing Happy Birthday to Walker

Our family

He loved his cake!!!!!

Checking out all of his gifts

It was such a great day!  Today Walker had his one year well check and he is doing great.  He grew a lot from his 9 month check up!!

Weight:  24lbs-- 86%
Height:  30 in-- 55%

Poor baby had 3 shots so he was not a happy camper when we left, but other then that he is a healthy happy boy.

Walker is now standing on his own and walking behind push toys.  I have a feeling within the month he will be walking all on his own.  It is so much fun watching him grow up.  He has the best personality and we just love his so much!  

We love you Walker!!

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