Monday, July 1, 2013

Bennett's First Movie

Bennett has grown to love certain movies and one of those being Monsters, so when Monsters University came out he kept asking to see it.  Last week we figured why not go ahead and take him and see how he does sitting through an entire movie.  At home he never sits through an entire movie, so I wasn't sure if he would enjoy going to a theatre or not.

He was so excited to go!  We were waiting for Jeremy to get home from work so he could be here with Walker and Bennett kept saying "let's go mom!", he didn't want to wait for Jeremy to get home he was just ready to get going.  Once Jeremy got home we headed out.  Our first stop was Target to pick out some treats.  The treats I bought at Target would have cost $30 at the theatre so I went the cheap route :)  After Target we went to Chick-fil-A per Bennett's request and had dinner together.  Bennett really loved having one on one time.  He kept saying "Daddy and Walker are at home, it is just me and you Mommy".

We still had some time after we ate before the movie started so I went ahead and bought our tickets. The theatre is next to an outdoor shopping area so we just walked around until it was time to see the movie.  Bennett was really excited once we sat in our seats.  The previews came on and he thought a few of them were really funny.  At one point he was still laughing after everyone stopped and all you could hear in the theatre was Bennett laughing, it was really cute (at least to me)!

The movie started and Bennett did great.  At one point he got a little antsy and sat in my lap for a few minutes but other then that he was fine to sit in his seat.  He sat through the whole thing and even through the credits.  He did not want to leave!  Of course at the end of the credits there was another short scene so I am sure now he thinks after every movie he needs to sit through the credits to see more of the movie.

At dinner

He loves the water fountains, so we hung out here to kill time before the movie

So excited!!

Even more excited now that he has some candy :)

It was a really fun night and I loved having one on one time with Bennett.  Jeremy is going to take him to his next movie and Bennett can't wait to go back!

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