Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last day of School!!

Bennett had his last day of school over a week ago!  His end of the year party was earlier in the week.  It was with all the other classes his age on the soccer fields.  We just did a picnic lunch and then let the kids run and play.  There were bubbles, popsicles, and water balloons so all of the kids had a really great time!

Running around barefoot with his popsicle

This crazy boy held his own with all the big kids.  He had a blast!

B running with some of his friends

It was a hot day!

Friday was his last day and I was really sad he had to leave his teachers.  I loved his teachers this year and his class.  He got so lucky and ended up in the sweetest class this year.  His teacher even said all the time how wonderful they all were and how well they all got along and it really was true.  Bennett was one of four boys in the class which ended up going down to 3 when one of the boys moved away.  The other two boys have become really good friends of Bennett and luckily their moms and I get along great and have become friends too!  Bennett always seems to have friends that are girls so I am happy he made some friends that are boys and really sweet boys at that.

First day of school

Last day of school!!

My big boy!  Where has my baby gone!?

Bennett had such a great year so I treated him to frozen yogurt after school

It was such a great school year and I am thankful we have been blessed by such great teachers and kids.  We left for the beach the day after his last day of school so we are now home and starting our summer.  Bennett has playdates, VBS and swim lessons planned so I am hoping we stay busy!  

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