Monday, December 9, 2013

Bennett is 4!!!

Yesterday Bennett turned 4!  This birthday made me a little emotional.  Now that Bennett is 4 I feel like he is a kid and we are out of the toddler phase with him.  Just seems strange that he is a little kid, I don't know why but just seems crazy!  I feel like the last 4 years have flown by with him and he is growing up so fast.

Bennett has been so excited about his upcoming birthday.  For the last 2 months he has brought it up almost every single day so once the day was here he was beyond excited!  On Friday I went up to his school to bring in a treat and let him celebrate with his class.  He was so excited to have me in his class and he got to be the leader for the day and pick out certain activities for the class.  He loved being able to do that!  It was so fun seeing him interact with his friends at school.  He does have a little "girlfriend" in his class and from what I am told by the teacher she is pretty attached to Bennett and demanding :)  She told Bennett while they were playing that he needed to hug her before he left.  His response was "Good Grief!!!".  It sure is hard being a ladies man :) It was a fun start to his birthday celebration!

Dancing with his friends at school.  This is the activity he picked after they had their treat.

For his party all he asked for was a bouncy house for our backyard.  I don't love having parties at our house but I figured the kids would be outside playing and they would have a great time so why not.  Well the weather had a different idea and it has been raining pretty much every single day for the past week.  I sadly had to cancel the bouncy house the day before his party because of the weather.  When I told Bennett  he just said "that's ok!".  He was a lot less disappointed then I thought he would be.

We had a Spiderman theme and just let the kids run around and play.  It turned out to be a great party regardless of the weather.  I think if you give kids pizza, cake and some toys they are happy no matter what!

Excited and ready for his party!

Some of the kids playing in our garage

Having lunch

Walker was a mess all day and only wanted me.  This was his reaction when anyone tried to hold him! He would scream "Mama"!  He is teething and getting over a cold so he was pitiful.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Bennett and Ryan

Me and J with our sweet 4 year old!

This was about the only time this little guy smiled and of course it was for a cupcake

Opening gifts

Worn out from the big party!

On Bennett's actual birthday yesterday we started out our morning with donuts.  Then he opened up gifts from us.

Opening gifts

Birthday donut!

Having fun with his new toy

After breakfast I took Bennett to see Frozen.  He was really excited to go to the movies.  The movie was really cute and it was fun having some one on one time with him.

Ready for the movie!

After the movie Jeremy took him to Target so he could pick out some toys and spend some birthday money he got as a gift.

For dinner he wanted to eat Mexican so we went out to one of our favorite places.

Excited about cheese dip!  Boy after my own heart :)

It was a great weekend celebrating our sweet boy.  I am blown away by the little boy Bennett is growing up to be.  He is so smart, funny and loving.  He will tell me several times a day that he loves me and misses me, melt my heart!  He has come out of his shell so much the past few months and that has been a huge change for him.  It just shows how much he is growing up.  We just love him more then words can say and are so proud that he is our son!  Happy 4th Bennett!

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