Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was so much fun this year!  Bennett has been really excited about trick or treating and dressing up.  He couldn't wait to go meet up with Ryan and Ella so we could go trick or treating.  After we got Bennett and Walker in their costumes we went over to my dad's house so he could see all of the kids dressed up and for the kids to get some treats!

Princess Ella!

2 Spidermans!!  I love that Bennett just watches Ryan ham it up!

My sweet Elmo!!

Such sweeties!

Me and Elmo :)

After my dads we went back over to Lyndsay and Dallon's neighborhood to trick or treat.  The kids did so great this year!  Walker hung out in our wagon and enjoyed the ride while the big kids walked everywhere.  They were on a mission for candy!

Ready to go!

Running to get more candy!

These two and their conversations!  I need to write them down!

We let Walker get in a little trick or treating.  He was precious!

He ran off after he got his candy even though his face was covered up by his costume!

Still running to get more candy!!

Sweet boy just along for the ride 

Ryan loved making Walker laugh

Bennett hitched a ride home

We headed back to our house because Walker was getting tired.  Once we got him down for bed Jeremy took Bennett back out to trick or treat around our neighborhood while I passed out candy. Bennett came home and said "Mom I need to crash, Halloween is over!"  It was such a fun night.  Now I just need to stay away from the candy!

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