Friday, August 23, 2013

Look Who is Walking!!

Such a big boy!!!!

Last week Walker started to take a few steps here and there but wasn't fully walking.  Well a couple of days ago he just started walking further and further and is officially walking!  He prefers to crawl still because right now that is his fastest mode of transportation.  I have a feeling in the next week or two crawling will be a distant memory and he will be walking everywhere.

I love watching him walk.  He gets so excited and has the biggest smile on his face.  I forgot how cute it is to watch them learn to walk because they look a little like Frankenstein when they walk around so stiff in the legs.  

So proud of himself!

I love watching him go!

Our baby and is quickly losing any sign that he is a baby!  I know he will love being able to keep up with Bennett now.  Guess I need to actually get him some shoes now...I still haven't done that!  I love a bare foot baby especially in the summer, but he wants to get around on his own so shoes are a must!  I love watching my baby grow up!

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